Why we learn python ?

Learning Python can open up a wide range of career opportunities in the technology industry, as it is a widely-used, versatile programming language. Some of the most popular career paths for Python developers include:

Data Science and Machine Learning: Python is a popular language for data analysis, and libraries such as NumPy and Pandas make it easy to work with large datasets. Python's machine learning libraries, such as scikit-learn and TensorFlow, also make it a great choice for building models and algorithms for data-driven applications.

Web Development: Python's web frameworks, such as Django and Flask, make it easy to build web applications and APIs. Python developers are in high demand for building websites, web apps and web services.

Game Development: Python can be used to build games using libraries such as Pygame and PyOpenGL

coding classes BY BM SCHOLARS

Course Highlights

Advance python
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Try.... except
  • Try.... except…else
  • Try….finally
  • Database Connection
  • Creating New Database
  • Creating Tables & Columns
Advance Python-2
  • Insert into Database
  • Read data from database
  • Update database
  • Contacting user through Email in Python.
  • Programming using Multithreading.
  • Python Multithreading.
  • Real time use of Class in Live Projects.
  • Building Blocks.
  • Interview Questions with answers
  • Class Room/Online Mode
  • Durations-3-5 months
  • Placement Guidance


Real Value for money

We provide real worth to your money by proving best infrastructure and personal attention to each and every student.Practical training is provided through live projects.Practicals increase their employability skills

Experienced Trainers

Learning ability of each student is different from others. Our experienced and well trained faculty play a proactive role to train the student accordingly.We emphasis on practicals with detailed knowledge on theory.

Online & Class Room

Our courses includes online and classroom teaching to train in effective way. We provide training from working employee from companies also when required.

Students Speak

Harshit(Python Student)

Logic development process provided by faculty of BM Scholars is excellent. Provides support to be get job after completition of course.

Jai(Python Student)

Basic concepts of programming are cleared by focusing on algorithm/flowchart developmenr that makes programming skills very effective

Gurpreet(Python Student)

Full attention is given to individual student.Faculty at BM Scholars give full support to student to remove his shortcomings.